Ibiza Real Estate Rentals

RENTAL of properties (holiday, long term and business) focused on the San Juan area in the north of Ibiza.

Not any object has the same characteristics as another one! Even in a block of flats the view, distribution, light, etc. may differ. Therefore I am eager to meet every client’s taste and necessity by choosing from all my objects the ones close to his idea.

Rental prices usually get differentiated by the seasons of the year: winter, pre- and post-season and peak times are priced with huge differences. Discounts may be granted and are handled individually depending on length of stay.

Please fill out our enquiry form or send your email with your wishes. As I handle all requests with respect to individual needs and wishes I will contact you after having received your request and ask you questions about some details, as I prefer to deliver my proposals.


I can offer a large variety of accommodation for your “holy” days:

  • Rooms within a house with or without swimming pools,
  • Annexes of houses with an own kitchen,
  • Small and simple houses with or without swimming pools,
  • Farmhouses with or without luxury and swimming pools,
  • Villas and Chalets, usually with a swimming pool,
  • Luxury Villas with outstanding features and domestic services



To live in a certain house, on a rented property, all year around is often a very significant choice. Many given facts have to be combined to make this big decision. The market of these objects moves very fast on Ibiza and offers are much less than requests. Therefore I advise clients to be ready to inspect once my offer has been delivered and seemed to match their requirements.

Please contact me by email to explain in depth your preferences and then I will try to offer what is needed.


The rental of a business requires much more than just a personal taste as technical requirements and local, administrative permissions play a strong role here. Please let me know your business plan as much as you can and I will check all offers to be able to offer you the one you were looking for.